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Caustic Cleaner


Sodium Hydroxide Caustic CIP Cleaner

LP-701LF is a low foaming caustic CIP cleaner formulated with Sodium Hydroxide which excels at breaking down organic soils and dissolving them into solution.


Potassium Hydroxide Caustic CIP Cleaner

LP-701KLF is formulated with potassium hydroxide which enhances the rinsing qualities of the product. This benefits those who may deal with left over chemical residue or organic soils after the cleaning process is complete, and demands additional cleaning and scrubbing.

Non-Caustic Cleaner

Cleaner 310

Powdered Oxygenated Cleaner

Cleaner 310 is a powdered cleaner great for CIP, soaking parts, and manual cleaning. This product is non-caustic and much less corrosive allowing it to be used on softer metals such as aluminum, brass, copper, etc.

Chlorinated Caustics


Non-Foaming Chlorinated Caustic

Great for both manual cleaning and soaking, as well as CIP.


Foaming Chlorinated Cleaner

A chlorinated cleaner that goes after difficult soils and aids in removing stains. Use this product on food contact surfaces or floors, forklifts and drains. Great for cleaning controlled atmosphere and CA rooms in your down season.


Micro-Quat II

Quaternary Ammonium Santizer

Quaternary Ammonium (quat) sanitizers are popular for many reasons: easy to dilute, no rinse on food contact surfaces up to 400ppm, quick titration and safe handling. This 4-chain Quat is a great addition to any sanitation program looking to up their game.

Acid CIP Cleaners

Lily Acid CIP

Acid Cleaner

Goes after any in-organic soils left in your tank such as beer stone and other mineral deposits. Aids in neutralizing any remaining caustic left in the tank, and will also help passivate stainless steel.