Parts Washing/Corrosion Inhibition

Our specialty chemical services help industrial metal cleaning operations who want support in solving cleanliness issues and education to avoid unwanted wash problems. Providing you the right data and tools for a better cleaning performance. 

That's The Lily Difference.


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Cleaner 440

High Alkaline Steel Cleaner

Metgard RP-20

Water Based Rust Inhibitor

Cleaner 435

Alkaline Oil Spitting Cleaner

Metclean 15LF

Alkaline Cleaner Rust Inhibitor

Degreaser Plus LF

High Alkaline Various Metal Cleaner


"With my years of experience dealing with companies, I've never had a company go through this much detail and analysis which allowed us to improve our current process. Their technical experience and analysis is helping us look and see where else we can improve in our other parts washing processes."
-Metal Flow Corporation