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Food Safety

Food safety begins with culture and commitment from top to bottom

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Process + Product = Solution

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Validation & Verification

Proven limits to prevent food safety deviations and maintain product integrity

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All-Purpose Cleaners

Cleaner 305

Powdered Floor Treatment

Powdered floor treatment that releases an alkaline hydrogen peroxide upon contact with moisture. Great for use as a intervention step in doorways, around equipment legs, floor cracks and degraded sections of concrete floors.

LP Extra 1001

A Heavy Duty Degreaser that you can use anywhere, clean your grading line, floors, tractors, harvesting equipment, storage rooms or belts. This product is a personal favorite by many of our customers as a wax stripper in brush bed sanitation.


Micro-Quat II

Quaternary Ammonium (quat) sanitizers are popular for many reasons: easy to dilute, no rinse on food contact surfaces up to 400ppm, quick titration and safe handling. This 4-chain Quat is a great addition to any sanitation program looking to up their game.


Looking to kill Listeria? Look no further. This Chlorine Dioxide Sanitizer is just what you need. The oxidizing chemistry behind this product allows it to not only penetrate biofilms for removal, but stop biofilms from growing resistant as we see in other sanitizers.

Fruit & Vegetable Wash