Perasan A

5.6% Peracetic Acid
Useful Documents

PERASAN® A has a high oxidation potential and is very reactive. It exhibits excellent bactericidal and fungicidal activity against a wide range of microorganisms in cold or warm water. Product is stable for a minimum of 1 year under normal conditions. It ultimately degrades to oxygen, water, and acetic acid (vinegar).

Food grade sanitizer used in the dairy, food and beverage processing industry for CIP pipeline cleaning, sanitizing, bottle and filler sanitizing, and disinfection. It is also used in the treatment of cooling water, process and wastewater. Additional uses are for slime and biofouling control, sulfite and odor reduction, and for cleaning UF and RO membranes. Peroxyacetic acid solutions are also used for disinfection in human and veterinary applications including hospitals.

Physical Properties

Appearance:Clear, Colorless Liquid
Density:1.12 gal/ml
Vapor Pressure:27
pH:1.8 @ 10% Solution
Flash Point:>207┬║ F
Freezing Point:<10┬║ F