Heavy Duty Caustic Cleaner
Useful Documents

LP-701 is a concentrated, heavy duty, alkaline cleaning compound designed to removecarbon, oils, greases and proteinaceous deposits. It can be used in central cleaning systems, soaking operations, immersion tanks, spray washers and recirculation systems. It can also be used for boil outs. LP-701 has an A8 USDA rating.

Physical Properties

Appearance:Brown Liquid
Density:10.7 lbs/gal
pH:12.9 @ 1%
Foaming: Moderate

Use Procedure

Temperature:130˚ to 190˚F
Process Method:Soak, Boil Outs, Foam Applications

Product Benefits

  1. Excellent for Animal Fats
  2. Can be Foamed
  3. Multiple Uses
  4. No Phosphates
  5. Biodegradable

Product Safety Information

Contains sodium hydroxide. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. DO NOT INGEST. When handling, wear rubber gloves, goggles and any other appropriate equipment or clothing to avoid skin contact. Avoid contact with clothing. Should contact occur, flush skin with water; for eyes, flood with large amounts of water for 15 minutes and get medical attention. If ingestion occurs, DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING. Drink fruit juice, milk or vinegar and get medical attention immediately. Read the Material Safety Data sheet before using.