Take Off F

Foaming Scale/Lime Remover

Take Off F is a highly concentrated, foaming, inhibited, liquid descaler. Take Off F is used for in-place cleaning of vertical surfaces. The foam produced by Take Off F clings to surfaces thus increasing contact time on the soil being removed. Take off F is a replacement for concentrated Muriatic Acid and can be used on all surfaces except soft metals (aluminum, zinc, galvanized steel) for the removal of lime, scale, soap scum and alkali films. Take Off F is excellent for cleaning boat hulls.

Physical Properties

Appearance:Amber Liquid
Density:9.4 lbs/gal
pH:0.4 @ 10%
Foam:High, Thick

Use Procedure

Process Method:Foaming Equipment
Wash Procedure:Work from bottom up. Allow foam to remain on surface for 5 to 15 minutes depending on amount of scale. Rinse from top down.

Product Benefits

  • Biodegradable
  • Safe on painted surfaces
  • No phosphates
  • Excellent for Boat Hulls

Product Safety Information

Strong acid. Do not use on marble, terrazzo, or untreated stone. When using, always wear a face shield or goggles, rubber gloves, and protective clothing. Do not take internally. Contains concentrated Mineral Acid. Keep out of the reach of children. Read the material Safety Data sheet on this product before using.