Ridfo SF-10

Food Grade Defoamer
Useful Documents

Ridfo SF-10 is a 10% silicone emulsion employing a unique emulsification dispersion system for rapid knockdown and hold of troublesome foam. Extreme product stability is characteristic of Ridfo SF-10. Even if diluted prior to use, good stability is evident as compared to competitive products. Ridfo SF-10 is a food grade defoamer designed for water systems. It contains a synergistic blend of chemicals to knockdown and hold undesirable foam generated from a wide variety of sources. Ridfo SF-10 has both A1 and L1 USDA ratings.

Physical Properties

Appearance:White Viscous Liquid
Density:8.0 lbs/gal
pH:7.5 @ 100%

Use Procedure

Temperature:Effective at all temperatures
Process Method:Hand add at pump site or automatic metering

Product Benefits

  • Quick foam break due to lowered surface tension
  • Food Grade Product
  • Biodegradable

Product Safety Information

Ridfo SF10 contains water and, therefore, must be protected from freezing. Store between 50°F and 90°F. Standard shelf life is six months. It is good practice to rotate stock for optimum product performance. Ridfo SF10 is made of food grade materials but should be handled with same precautions as with any chemical compound. Flush eye contact area with water to prevent irritation.