Metclean 7XLF

Metal Cleaner
Useful Documents

Metclean 7XLF is an alkaline, silicated cleaner formulated for spray cleaning operations
and soak systems. It can be used in a single or multi-stage spray wash. It contains a
biodegradable surfactant that is effective in removing ordinary shop oils and soils.
Metclean 7XLF is an alkaline cleaner that is suitable for use in areas of hard water. It is
safe on aluminum alloys and other soft metals and is designed to spilt petroleum oils. In
some case Metclean 7XLF can be used with room temperature water.

Physical Properties

Appearance:Clear Liquid
Density:9.2 lbs/gal
Foam:Low to none

Use Procedure

Temperature:Ambient to 180˚ F
Process Method:Spray, Dip
Cycle Times:Varies with process and soil conditions

Product Benefits

  1. Reduced energy costs associated with heating wash tanks
  2. Reduced chemical consumption
  3. Oil Splitting
  4. Reduced downtime associated with chemical change outs for multi-metal cleaning

Product Safety Information

Do Not Ingest. Product may be harmful if swallowed. Metclean 7XLF is an alkaline product and the concentrate may irritate skin and eyes. Gloves and splash goggles should be worn when handling product. For full safety and first aid information consult MSDS on this product prior to use.