All Purpose Foaming Cleaner
Useful Documents

LP-825 is a non-butyl, all purpose cleaner. LP-825 works well for light oil and fat based soils. Its foaming properties allows for time saving application and cleaning of vertical surfaces. LP-825 is successful in a variety of applications usually handled by several different products. LP-825 is a USDA A1 product.

Physical Properties

Appearance:Clear Liquid
Density:8.6 lbs/gal
pH:12.5 @ 5%

Use Procedure

Temperature:Ambient to 150˚ F
Process Method:Soak, Spray, Scrub, Steam

Product Benefits

  1. Multiple Product Replacement
  2. Easily Rinsed
  3. Biodegradable

Product Safety Information

Contains alkaline materials. May cause eye or skin irritation. Harmful if swallowed. Should contact occur, flush with water. For eye contact, flush with cold water for 15 minutes, and get medical attention. Keep out of the reach of children. Read the Material Safety Data sheet on this product before using.