Synthetic Solvent Degreaser
Useful Documents

LP-1040 is a heavy duty degreaser and will attack the toughest soils and yet is easy on the hands. It was developed for the parts washer industry as a replacement for the toxic solvent Mineral Spirits commonly used in “pan on a can” washers. LP-1040 is a water base biodegradable degreaser that allows oils taken up in the cleaning process to separate from the solution for skimming and thereby lengthens the life of the cleaner. The spent solution may be disposed of into the city sewer system. LP-1040 may be used in most cleaning systems, but was designed for parts washers that would normally use solvents. LP 1040 rivals mineral spirits in its cleaning ability if so used.

Physical Properties

Appearance:Green Liquid
Density:9.6 lbs/gal
pH:11.0 @ 10%
Foam:Low to none

Use Procedure

Concentration:10% to 20% in solvent style parts washers
Temperature:Ambient to 160˚ F
Process Method:Agitated Dip

Product Benefits

  1. Replaces Flammable Solvents
  2. Eliminates Safety Hazards
  3. No Flash Point
  4. No VOCs

Product Safety Information

Product is slightly alkaline and may cause irritation to skin and eyes. If skin or eye contact occurs, flush affected area with water for 15 minutes. If irritation occurs or persists, seek medical attention. If irritation occurs due to inhalation of mists, move to fresh air. If irritation persists, seek medical attention immediately. If ingested, give two or three glasses of water to dilute and seek medical attention immediately. Read the Material Safety Data sheet on this product before using.