Emulsion Degreaser

Environmentally Friendly Solvent Cleaner
Useful Documents

Emulsion Degreaser is a non-toxic, industrial solvent that can be used to clean even the greasiest of equipment. Emulsion Degreaser has a high KB value which shows that it is capable of dissolving even the toughest grease and oils. Emulsion Degreaser also effectively removes tar residues. The high flash point of Emulsion Degreaser allows it to be heated to industry standard cleaning temperatures which makes Emulsion Degreaser even more effective. Emulsion Degreaser contains only 6.56% w/v VOCS and with its very low evaporation rate it is not considered a Hazardous Air Pollutant (HAP). Emulsion Degreaser is also readily biodegradable and as such it is SNAP (Significant New Alternative Policy) approved by the EPA.

Physical Properties

Appearance:Yellow Liquid with Vegetable Oil Scent
Flash Point:375˚ F
VOC:0.48 lbs/gal (57.4 g/L)
Density:7.3 lbs/gal

Use Procedure

Concentration:Use as delivered
Temperature:Ambient to 200˚ F
Process Method:Soak, Spray, Brush
Rinsing:Rinse with hot water to ensure complete removal

Product Benefits

  1. Biodegradable/"Green"
  2. Soybean Oil Derivative
  3. SNAP Approved
  4. Virtually Zero Evaporation
  5. Extremely High Soil Load Capacity
  6. Multi-metal Use
  7. Safe on Most Paints
  8. Safe on Most Rubber Materials

Product Safety Information

Emulsion Degreaser contains Soybean oil methyl esters and while it is non-toxic, the product should not be ingested. Emulsion Degreaser is only slightly irritating to skin and eyes. Read MSDS fully and follow all safety precautions.