Cleaner RP-10

Corrosion Inhibitor
Useful Documents

Cleaner RP-10 is a water soluble, amine carboxylate, corrosion inhibitor that dries to a light film that prevents the atmosphere from contacting the parts. At low concentrations the resulting film allows the application of many foams currently applied to steel in the automotive industry. Cleaner RP-10 is safe on all metals but is primarily designed for use on steel. Cleaner RP-10 is also bioresistant to a majority of the organisms that attack organic based fluids. When used in conjunction with certain packaging such as VCI bags, Cleaner RP-10 has the potential to provide many months worth of corrosion protection.

Physical Properties

Appearance:Amber Liquid
Density:8.6 lbs/gal
pH:11.8 @ 100%

Use Procedure

Concentration:2% to 10% (Based on length of time needed for protection)
Temperature:Ambient to 125˚ F
Process Method:Spray, Dip
Cycle Times:Minimum 20 seconds

Product Benefits

  1. Film Formation is Non-oily/Non-tacky
  2. Formulated to promote adhesion for foam and labels
  3. No white powdery residue left behind at any concentration
  4. 5% v/v passes 177 hrs of 100% relative humidity per ASTM D 2247-92 and GM4465P
  5. 5% v/v passes 158 hrs of water fog per ASTM D 1735-97
  6. Rejects Oils

Product Safety Information

Do Not Ingest. Product may be harmful if swallowed. Cleaner RP-10 is an alkaline product and the concentrate may irritate skin and eyes. Gloves and splash goggles should be worn when handling product. For full safety and first aid information consult MSDS on this product prior to use.