Cleaner 301C

Heavy Duty Powdered Degreaser
Useful Documents

Cleaner 301C can be used for spray or immersion cleaning operations. It can be used in a single or multi-stage washers. It is highly alkaline and contains biodegradable surfactants that are effective in removing even the most difficult greases. Cleaner 301C is suitable for use in areas of hard water. It is safe on all types of steel but is not safe on soft metals such as aluminum, zinc, copper, brass or galvanized steel.

Physical Properties

Appearance:White Powder
Density:52-56 lbs/ft3
pH:13 @ 1%

Use Procedure

Concentration:1 to 8 ounces per gallon
Temperature:130˚ F to 200˚ F
Process Method:Spray, Dip
Cycle Times:Varies with process and soil conditions

Product Benefits

  1. Low Foam
  2. Ideal for Dishwasher Type Equipment
  3. Effective on Caked on Grease
  4. Works Well in Hard Water

Product Safety Information

Do Not Ingest. Product may be harmful if swallowed. Cleaner 301C is a highly alkaline product and the concentrate may burn skin and eyes. Gloves and splash goggles should be worn when handling product. For full safety and first aid information consult MSDS on this product prior to use.