Aluma Treat

Aluminum Oxide Remover
Useful Documents

Aluma Treat is a specially designed product used as an additive when preparing aluminum for painting. Aluminum parts form a natural oxide film which prevents them from accepting an acid etch. Aluma Treat, which contains a source of fluoride, will remove this oxide film and allow the acid solution to react with the aluminum part. A proper etch is a very important part of paint adhesion for aluminum. Aluma Treat will also tie up any free aluminum and prevent it from interfering with the phosphating reaction on steel.

Physical Properties

Appearance:Clear Liquid
Density:8.9 lbs/gal
pH:3.0 @ 100%

Use Procedure

Concentration:1 to 3 fluid ounces for every 10 gallons of bath solution for a rate of 110 ppm to 330 ppm of fluoride
Temperature:Ambient to 150˚ F
Process Method:Spray, Dip
Cycle Times:Normal line speeds associated with phosphating

Product Benefits

  1. Oxide removal for aluminum
  2. No interference with iron phosphating
  3. Non-aggressive

Product Safety Information

Do Not Ingest. Product may be harmful if swallowed. Aluma Treat is an acidic product and the concentrate may cause burns to skin and eyes. Gloves and splash goggles should be worn when handling product. For full safety and first aid information consult MSDS on this product prior to use.