Confectionary Coating


Determination of a cleaner best suited to remove greasy/oily residue from exposed to CCB Dark Confectionary Coating-MB.


The lab coated a number of metal panels with melted confectionary coating and allowed the coating to solidify. With panels at room temperature the lab rinsed these panels with warm water. While the vast majority of the residue was easily removed, there remained behind a thin oily layer. This is noted by the beading of water on the rinsed surface. This layer is most likely a combination of the various oils contained in the confectionary coating. These oils include coconut oil, hydrogenated palm kernel oil and hydrogenated palm oil.

The lab tested a number of cleaners using a variety of cleaning processes which included foaming and rinsing, foaming and rinsing twice as well as foaming, scrubbing and rinsing. The product that seemed to work most efficiently in the removal of this oily layer was LP-910. Utilizing a room temperature solution at 5% to 7% by volume, the LP-910 was foamed on the surface of these panels and allowed to rest for one minute prior to rinsing with warm water. The result were panels with water sheeting off instead of beading up which indicated oil removal.


The lab recommends the use of LP-910 to remove the oily residue that remains behind after rinsing off the chocolate.