2-Stage Washer Foam Issue


Foaming issue in customer’s two stage parts washer.


Previous testing indicated that there was a reaction taking place between a component or components of the stamping fluid and the alkaline portion of the wash chemistry. This reaction is creating a foam issue in the "wash stage" of the customer’s parts washer. This test was to determine if the foam could be controlled utilizing a rinse aid. This rinse aid has been effective in other facilities where similar cleaner/soil reactions take place.


The second picture shows Metclean 7LF with half the amount of stamping fluid as used in the foam test. If one considers the amount of stamping fluid used in the foam test to be the summer dilution, then the second picture in this series would depict the winter dilution. The third and fourth pictures show how the addition of a particular rinse aid helps reduce the foam. The amount of rinse aid used here is the equivalent of having 0.5% w/w and 1% w/w of rinse aid in the concentrate. The fifth and sixth pictures show how foam will continue to form and grow with additional stamping fluid being added without the benefit of additional rinse aid. Additionally, the amount of stamping fluid in the sixth picture is the equivalent of the amount used in a previous foam test. Comparing this to the previous test, one can see that foam has been reduced.

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