When’s the last time you used any form of measurement to determine the success of your operation?

These words:

  • validation
  • verification
  • efficacy
  • controlling your hazard

They're all buzz words that we are hearing more of lately with increased regulation such as FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act).

It’s without argument that when it comes to your sanitation program being proactive rather than reactive is just smart practice. Your customer or an auditor shouldn’t be the driver of change and accountability, their job is to question your practices and ensure you have proof that your process works. Don’t wait for them to ask you for validation before you invest time into the idea.

Ask yourself:

Why do I use this anti-microbial here?

Why does it take 36 minutes to clean the takeaway belt?

Now answer that question. Do you have data to prove this? You can.

You may catch yourself identifying gaps in your process but how do you know you have gaps if you haven’t measured them? Stop doing things just because that is the industry standard when in reality you may not be doing anything at all.

Don’t be afraid of the results, use them to identify trends and innovate solutions. You’re organizations reputation might depend on it.

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