Metal Conditioner #3

Rust Remover/pH Adjuster
Useful Documents

Metal Conditioner #3 is a liquid phosphoric acid based product that effectively cleans the metal surface and removes rust. It is also used when only a simple metal treatment is required prior to painting. Rust removal is accomplished quickly due to the deep penetration and dissolving of the surface soils. Metal Conditioner #3 is also used as a pH reducer in iron phosphate baths.

Physical Properties

Appearance:Clear Liquid
Density:11.0 lbs/gal

Use Procedure

Concentration:5% to 25% for rust removal. Varies for pH adjustment
Temperature:Ambient to 150˚ F
Cycle Time:Depends on application
Process Method:Spray, Soak

Product Benefits

  1. Safer rust removal than muriatic acid
  2. Economical metal prep.
  3. Cost saving alternative for pH adjustment

Product Safety Information

Contains Phosphoric Acid. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. DO NOT INGEST. When handling, wear rubber gloves, goggles and other appropriate equipment or clothing to avoid skin contact. Avoid contact with clothing. Should contact occur, flush skin with water; for eyes, flood with large amounts of water for 15 minutes and get medical attention. If ingestion occurs, DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING. Rinse mouth, drink water and get medical attention immediately. Read the Material Safety Data sheet before using. Use in well ventilated area. Do not mix with chlorinated products.