Freezer Cleaner
Useful Documents

LP-950 is a hard working ready-to-use floor, wall, and equipment cleaner for use in all sub-freezing, cold storage and freezer areas with temperature extremes to -44°F. LP-950 effectively removes dirt, grime, fat, and grease deposits from hard surfaces. LP-950 has an A4 USDA rating.

Physical Properties

Appearance:Blue Liquid
Density:8.8 lbs/gal
pH:7.5 @ 100%
Flash Point:60˚ F

Use Procedure

Concentration:50% to 100%
Process Method:Automatic scrubber or manual mopping (pick up with wet vac if manually used)

Product Benefits

  1. Contains no Alkalis or Acids
  2. Biodegradable
  3. Effective on Fats and Oils
  4. Use Temperature as low as -44˚ F

Product Safety Information

Flammable if used above 60°F. Keep away from heat, sparks, and open flame. Rinse empty container with water before discarding. POISON: Contains Methanol. Do not take internally. Read the Material Safety Data sheet before using this product.