Parts Cleaning

Cleanliness Standards have become much more difficult to meet over the past decade leaving you with questions like “How do we clean this part?” or “How do we maintain this cleanliness level while being cost effective?” Having the right chemical solution plays a major role for achieving that goal of meeting your cleanliness standard as well as understanding your wash process and it’s variables. LPI offers a unique hands-on data-driven support system that goes beyond your chemical to help ensure you are meeting the standard consistently.

Lily Helps!

Metal Cleaners for Various Processes

LPI manufactures products for a variety of cleaning methods (spray, soak, ultrasonic, deburr, burnish). LPI also has products for specific metals and safe on all metals.

Cleaner/Rust Preventative Combos

LPI manufactures all in one cleaner/rp for a variety of parts and cleaning methods.

De-scale Chemicals

LPI offers a series of de-scale products to remove scale and other forms of contaminants that are in your washer. De-scaling helps improve quality and cost.

Cleanliness Testing

LPI’s in-house Lab uses gravimetric measurement and analysis to determine your part cleanliness level. This is also used in conjunction with selecting the proper cleaner for you process.

Problem Solving

LPI is teamed with wash experts trained in improvement methodologies to help solve wash problems quickly in a timely fashion to get to the root of your problem.


LPI sets up proper metrics for controlling bath and supplying you with bath analysis to build a more consistent process for making better decisions.