Packing Shed

Food Safety Standards have become more stringent at the grower level. Packing sheds that wash, store and package fruit and vegetables are held to a higher standard. Proper Water Treatment for controlling microorganisms and proper sanitation to disinfect your facility are the new norm.

LPI offers anti-microbial treatments and sanitation products to help achieve your goals with food safety. Along with that LPI offers documentation and support to assist you in development and control of your processes. Whether you are trying to achieve USDA or a Global Food Safety initiative LPI can help!

Lily Helps!

Improve Shelf Life and Control Microorganisms

LPI offers anti-microbial agents to extend shelf life or to control microorganisms wash water.

Standard Sanitation Operating Procedure (SSOP) Development

LPI assist you in development of SSO’s to standardized your process for consistency and improvement to meet audit objectives.

Cleaner/Degreaser for Packing Shed Lines

LPI offers foaming, non-foaming, chlorinated cleaning/degreasers to clean down processing lines for proper sanitation.

Chemical Dispensing Equipment

LPI offers proportioning units, foamers and other chemical delivery systems to ensure proper chemical control and safety.