Meat Processing

For almost five decades, LPI has been manufacturing sanitation chemicals and helping customers become more effective and efficient with their sanitation processes. LPI has added an addition its product line, by offering Keeper Red Meat, an anti-microbial product that controls microbial activity while promoting oganoleptic advantage and shelf-life extension in the red meat industry. This product has been shown to be more effective than other common anti-microbials. LPI has a long-standing relationship with the manufacturer of Keeper Red Meat, Bio-Cide International.

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Cleaning Solutions

LPI manufactures both alkaline and acidic cleaners for CIP, COP, and general purpose cleaning. LPI carries non-foaming, foaming, and chlorinated chemistries to meet your sanitation needs.

Training and Documentation of Sanitation Program

Training and Documentation of Sanitation Program

LPI educates employees and assist you in development of work instructions, SSOP’s and other forms of documentation to meet you desired standard.