Maintenance Products

Maintaining your facility and equipment can be time consuming and costly. Keeping your facility clean presents an image to your customers, prevents accidents, and helps identify potential problems with equipment. Your equipment is vital to your production and must be maintained to achieve optimal efficiency. LPI offers floor cleaners, all-purpose cleaner/degreasers, de-scaling products and other specialty products to help support your processes.

Lily Helps!

All-Purpose Cleaners/Degreaser

LPI has a series of cleaner/degreasers for multiple uses within your plant. Chemical dispensing units are also available to help control and maintain chemical cost.

Removing Scale and Build-up in Parts Washers

LPI has a series of de-scaling products and for use in industrial washers. LPI can set up a preventative maintenance program for your washer along with hands-on training to perform the process.

De-foaming Agents

LPI has de-foamers for various industrial uses ( parts washing, waste water, coolants, etc).