Industrial & Manufacturing

LPI provides chemical and process solutions for cleaning, protecting and maintaining your parts and equipment. We believe everything is a process and data is required to see how the process is performing. Whether you are struggling with part cleanliness, trying to prevent rust, or maintaining your overall plant cleanliness, LPI develops and implements long term process efficiency through product and data driven decision making.

Lily Helps!

How’s my wash process performing?

LPI manufactures a variety of cleaners and can help you develop the proper wash standards through data collection and analysis.

Multi-Purpose Floor Cleaners and Dispensing Systems

LPI helps you develop a cost effective cleaning process through chemistry and proper chemical control.

Pre-Treatment & Salt Spray Analysis

LPI manufactures pre-treatment chemicals for the painting & coating industry and has in-house capability to do a salt spray analysis on your painted product to determine how your process is performing.

Having rust issues?

LPI has an in-house humidity chamber to help narrow down variables and select the best rust inhibitor along with identifying other rust variables within your process.

Washer De-scaling

LPI has a series of de-scale products and a process for maintaining your wash system to achieve desired results, increase productivity and reduce costs.