Fruit and Vegetable processors require large quantities of water. Pathogens in the water need to be controlled or eliminated to prevent cross contamination to ensure a safe product. LPI provides unique anti-microbial chemistries to manage and kill microorganisms within your process. LPI has expanded its knowledge in the industry to improve productivity and sanitation for your process.

Lily Helps!

Cleaning Solutions

LPI manufactures both alkaline and acidic cleaners for CIP, COP, and general purpose cleaning. LPI carries non-foaming, foaming, and chlorinated chemistries to meet your sanitation needs.

Extend Shelf-Life

Keeper Post Harvest is used to eliminate pathogens and extend shelf life in numerous post harvest fruits and vegetable applications.

Training and Documentation of Sanitation Program

Training and Documentation of Sanitation Program

LPI educates employees and assist you in development of work instructions, SSOP’s and other forms of documentation to meet you desired standard.