Food and Beverage Processing

Food and beverage processors have all they can do to keep up with Food Safety demands. New challenges and problems can be an everyday occurrence. LPI offers creative cleaning and sanitizing solutions to address problems within your facility and ensure a consistent Food Safety program. Everything is a process and our cleaning approach attacks the key process variables to making your sanitation effective and efficient. This is accomplished through chemistry, standardization, training, and ongoing continuous improvement.

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Cleaning Solutions

LPI manufactures both alkaline and acidic cleaners for CIP, COP, and general purpose cleaning. LPI carries non-foaming, foaming, and chlorinated chemistries to meet your sanitation needs.

Sanitizers (Anit-microbial agents)

LPI carries industry leading sanitizing chemistries for all types of sanitizing needs.

Do you have an efficient and effective cleaning process?

Do you have an efficient and effective cleaning process?

LPI offers a creative hand’s on in depth analysis of your cleaning and sanitizing steps to your process and provides detailed SSOP’s for improved quality and answering problems quickly.