Beverage Beer/Wine

Beer, Wine, etc...

Beer, Wine, Juice, Water – LPI offers unique chemistry to tackle some of your biggest challenges, especially when it comes to sanitizing. For many years LPI has been West Michigan’s local provider for Oxine (Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide) manufactured by Bio-Cide International, located in Norman, Oklahoma. With a long standing growing relationship, LPI and BCI continue to expand into other markets. With Oxine’s many approvals and effective applications, this is one of the leading products on the market today.

Lily Helps!


LPI manufactures both alkaline and acidic cleaners for CIP, COP, and general purpose cleaning. LPI carries non-foaming, foaming, and chlorinated chemistries to meet your sanitation needs

Oxine (Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide)

Oxine is great for bottle wash/container cleaning, CIP sanitizing, Lube additive for conveyor lines, filter head assemblies sanitation and deodorizing.