Product Categories

All Purpose Cleaners

LPI provides a variety of cleaners/degreasers for use on floors, equipment, and other forms of general purpose cleaning. LPI also offers equipment for dispensing chemical to control cost and improve safety.


LPI offers a full-line of anti-microbial products to control bacteria and extend shelf life. LPI provides stabilized chlorine dioxide (CLO2), acidified sodium chlorite (ASC), Parecetic Acid (PAA), chlorine, and quat. LPI also offers delivery systems for these chemicals for ease of use and accurate dispensing.

Food Processing Cleaners

LPI has a variety of food processing cleaners for various industries. LPI provides alkaline and acidic products for CIP, COP, and general purpose cleaning. Products types include foaming, non-foaming, and chlorinated cleaners/degreasers. LPI also offers equipment for dispensing chemical to control cost and improve safety.

Metal Cleaners

LPI provides parts washing compounds for spray, soak and ultrasonic cleaning along with mass finishing chemicals for cleaning, deburring, and burnishing. Products are designed for ferrous and non-ferrous metals along with low foaming capability. Depending on your soil and process LPI has a product to meet your needs. Rinse aids, de-foamers and de-scale chemicals are also available under maintenance chemicals.


LPI offers pre-cleaning chemicals for multi-stage wash systems, along with cleaner/phosphate and iron phosphate treatments. Phosphate and cleaners run from ambient to high temperature depending on your process needs.

Rust Inhibitors

LPI has water and oil base corrosion inhibitors along with cleaner/rust inhibitors for use on a variety of metals. Whether you require long term or short term corrosion protection we have product to meet your needs. Products can be used in spray and soak tank applications.


LPI offers a variety of sanitizers used across multiple food and beverage industries. Products provided would include quat, chlorine, and chlorine dioxide, and PAA.

Transportation Chemicals

LPI provides multiple products for boating, RV, vehicle, and heavy duty construction. Products are formulated to remove light to heavy duty debris for effective cleaning. Products types include alkaline/acidic, non foaming and foaming.

Product Categories