Stripper 212 Plus

Hot Caustic Paint Stripper

Stripper 212 Plus is a liquid hot tank paint stripper that is most effective in removing the more difficult finishes such as acrylics and epoxies. Tank life is exceptionally long due to a formulation that provides excellent high temperature stability. This formulation has the advantage of containing no phenols, cresylates, or volatile solvents and thus, can be disposed of as any high alkaline product. No toxic fumes are produced in production use. Water lost through evaporation can be carefully replaced to maintain solution strength and bath level.

Physical Properties

Dark Brown Liquid
10.3 lbs/gal
13.0 @ 10%

Use Procedure

As supplied or up to 50% with water
150°F - 200°F
Method (process):
Soak with fluid or part agitation
Process Time:
Depends on paint type and film thickness
Metal Safety:
Steel, Stainless Steel and Cast Iron only

Product Benefits

  • Excellent rinsability
  • Long lasting/Economical
  • Strips paints with no physical effort

Product Safety Information

Contains sodium hydroxide. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. DO NOT INGEST. When handling, wear rubber gloves, goggles and any other appropriate equipment or clothing to avoid skin contact. Avoid contact with clothing. Read the Material Safety Data sheet before using this product.

Stripper 212 Plus

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